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Grid Tie and Off Grid Solar and Wind Power Systems Installation and Sustainable Consulting. 

This website is under construction and will replace cvsolar.com and will be the source of information regarding powering homes off grid as well as grid connected solar and wind systems. Also our focus will include homesteading techniques from tried and true experiences on our MT Nickwackett Sheep Farm, and our steps toward "0" fossil fuel living.  Included will be the beginnings of 'The Book'  that many friends and Relatives have been pushing me to write collecting lots of stories from 38 years living off grid with solar and 25  Years working with Solar clients in Vermont. Starting with our own journey from a cabin with kerosene lamps to a modern home with all the conveniences in a remote location, we will travel through time with mini stories of systems we have installed with pros and cons of what we did with some 20/20 hindsite added in.  I Hope you will find your reading interesting and informative.  

Having installed over 450 solar installations in Vermont and NY with half of them off-grid, we have experience in all sized systems from the small cabin requiring just lights and cell phone charging to large off grid homes. Battery backup is the next technological improvement and we have experience with all the battery types and can guide you to the best solution for on grid with backup or off-grid solar and storage systems.


If you have any suggestions as to what content in this website you would like to see, email or text your ideas.